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Exhibition : "A arte de Maramgoní


                            The Urban Expression of Maramgoní

The universe of cities is one of the richest for visual expression. If, on the one hand, the beauty of architecture arises, there is also the enchantment with the people who live in these environments and participate in it, leading their lives with the most varied motivations.

All of this is permeated by city light and the presence or absence of color, which can be used pictorially to mark atmospheres or to highlight what is desired. Thus, it is up to each observer to check the artist's motivations in his creative process.

Maramgoní offers its São Paulo, New York and cities around the world to the public. The architecture of these spaces is often closer than you can imagine, especially when the dialogue between the old and the contemporary is included in the painter's proposal.

In cases where cities are shown in black and white, one can see the presence of a differentiated light, originating from public lighting or lamps, strategically placed to assist in the composition of the painting, establishing different conversations.

When the city is treated nowadays, color is present in another way, highlighting isolated factors or an internal walk that values the way of occupying space in the name of a poetics that has progressively gained its own characteristics over the last few years.

The presence of writing, in the form of graphics, in this context, is essential. Whether in pictures that refer to the past or the present, they give a contemporary touch in the sense of indicating a course of history, warning that time is manifested not only in architecture, but in the construction of a path.

Coming from extensive research, mainly from images of books that focus on cities in the past and photographs and experience in them in the present, Maramgoní's work offers points of view that motivate the observer to see the urban in all its plastic enchantment.

Thus a magical world appears, governed by light and color. Cities become enchanting works of art. Different times, different perspectives and different places become the subject of a painting that is increasingly aware of itself and its revealing power.


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