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About Us

Art Inspirada means a life change for me, a career challenge and another expression of my love for art, after 17 continuous years of dedication to it.
My name is Adriana and I live in Portugal with my son and husband, I decided to reinvent myself and seek the fulfillment of some dreams, such as building a new life and continuing to dedicate myself to what I have loved for so long: art.

The gallery arises from this mixture of emotions and transformations, from different experiences that I had within the artistic world and from the need / desire that I have to expand art and the different perspectives that exist on it around the world.

In my feeling, art is what pleases us, art is what inspires us and what awakens our true emotions. It is everything that represents the freedom to be what we really are.

The Art Inspired Gallery was born from a composition of beliefs and a purpose that motivates me every day: to make art freer, more recognized and more full of voice, represented by people in the world, and through all those who love, breathe and live through it.

Nice to meet you and welcome!

What makes this story unique and special?
A life change. A career challenge. My love for art.

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