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In the past, during the Renaissance, it was common for artists to have in their studios art workshops in which their students and apprentices could study and perfect their skills in the artistic craft.

Over time, although these students demonstrated techniques used by their masters, however, could not accept orders or sign their own works, having to do so complete their courses and be admitted to their guilds, legitimizing their artistic abilities.

At the time, the works produced by these students carried the signature of their masters and the denomination of the “school” of which they had been part and who, as a means of recognition, had in their names the names of these artists, such as “Leonardo Da Vinci School”, “Escola de Leonardo Michelangelo ”,“ Escola de Caravaggio ”among others.

Studio Art Inspirada was born inspired by this concept, with the difference that today, through him, who will choose anonymity will be the ones artists who, when part of the Gallery's collection, will sign, when whatever, with the name “Studio Art Inspirada” only.

The idea is to build with them the opportunity to create things completely different from their original lines of work, but without disrespect their artistic identities, being free to explore and test all your possibilities.

Studio Art Inspirada is a shared will, with the intention to show the world all these works, valuing art as it is, pure, without fame, judgments or mentions, giving freedom to their drivers and the privilege of ourselves to organize a project involving the real wishes of all its artists.



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